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What is the attire for the wedding?

Black Tie Optional

A black-tie optional dress code gives guests a couple of formal options to choose from. Men are encouraged to wear a tuxedo, but can opt for a dark suit. Women can choose either a formal evening gown, a shorter cocktail dress, or dressy separates.

What is a Sangeet?

Sangeet is a pre-wedding ceremony that is typically celebrated in Indian culture. It’s a day of fun, where family and friends of the bride and groom come together to sing, dance, and celebrate the upcoming wedding.

The word "Sangeet" translates to "music" in Hindi. During the ceremony, family and friends of both the bride and groom showcase dances and/or musical performances, often including traditional Indian folk dances like Bhangra and Garba.

Sangeet is usually held one or two days before the wedding, and it's an important part of Indian wedding celebrations. It signifies the two families bonding, blending together, and getting to know each other before the wedding day, and it's also a way to celebrate the joyous occasion together!

What is A Mehndi ceremony?

A Mehndi ceremony is a pre-wedding celebration in which the bride and her friends and family members gather to apply henna designs to their hands and feet.

During the ceremony, the bride sits in a central location while other women take turns applying mehndi to her hands and feet. The mehndi designs can range from simple to elaborate, and often have symbolic significance.

The Mehndi game, also known as the "hidden name game" or "name hunt game," is a traditional game played during Mehndi ceremonies.

The game involves the application of mehndi designs on the bride's hands and feet, with the groom’s name or initials incorporated into the design. Once the bride’s mehndi is finished, the groom is given a certain amount of time to search for his name, and if he is able to find it he wins.

The Mehndi ceremony is considered an important part of the wedding celebrations, as it symbolizes the bride's transition from singlehood to married life. The henna designs are believed to bring good luck and blessings to the bride and her future married life.

What to wear to a Sangeet/Mehndi Ceremony?

Saree- A saree is a long piece of fabric, usually made of silk, cotton, or a combination of both, ranging from 4 to 9 yards in length and 1 to 1.5 yards in width. The saree is draped around the body, with one end tucked into the waistband of the petticoat (a garment worn underneath the saree) and the other end draped over the shoulder, creating a flowing, elegant look. The style of draping can vary depending on the region, occasion, and personal preference.

Lehenga- A lehenga, consists of a long skirt (the lehenga), a blouse (the choli), and a long scarf or shawl (the dupatta).

The lehenga is a flowing skirt, usually made of silk or other rich fabrics, that flares out from the waist and can be embellished with intricate embroidery, beads, sequins, and other decorative elements. The choli is a fitted blouse that can be short or long-sleeved, and is often heavily embellished to match the lehenga. The dupatta is draped over the head and shoulders, completing the outfit.

Salwar Kameez- A salwar kameez consists of a long shirt (the kameez) and loose pants (the salwar), often accompanied by a dupatta (a long scarf or shawl).

The kameez is a long tunic that can be knee-length or longer, and can be made of cotton, silk, or other fabrics. It can be plain or embellished with embroidery, sequins, and other decorative elements. The salwar is a loose-fitting pant that tapers at the ankle, and is often paired with a drawstring waistband. The dupatta is optional, but can be draped over the head and shoulders to complete the outfit.

Kurta- A kurta is a traditional Indian garment worn by men. It is a long, loose-fitting shirt that falls below the waist, and can be made of cotton, silk, or other fabrics. Kurtas for men are typically knee-length, with a collarless neckline and long sleeves. Kurtas are often worn for casual and formal occasions, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They are comfortable and versatile, and can be worn by people of all ages.

If you are not able to wear the traditional garments listed, that’s okay! Please see below for photos of Indo-western garments that are great options for this occasion!

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What do guests need to know about the Wedding Shower?

The wedding shower attire is cocktail casual.

You do not need to bring gifts to the shower, but we would be so grateful if you contributed to our honeymoon fund and/or homefund. Thank you!