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Thalia  and William

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Our Story

Thalia and William's eyes met across the crowded hall, but it wasn't until fate brought them together outside of a creative writing class that their hearts truly connected. Thalia was immediately drawn to William's compassionate nature, and he was captivated by her intelligence and wit. As they walked to class together each day, they discovered a deep and meaningful connection.

Their late-night conversations were filled with laughter, tears, and a profound understanding of each other's hopes and dreams. William knew that Thalia was the one he had been searching for all his life, and he was determined to make her his forever. After only two weeks of being together, he poured out his heart to her and told her that he was in love with her. Thalia's response was instantaneous - she felt the same way and knew that he was the one she had been waiting for too.

As the years passed, their love grew stronger with every passing day. They shared everything, from their deepest fears to their wildest dreams, and knew that they could always count on each other. When William proposed to Thalia on top of a snow-covered mountain in Vermont, it was the perfect moment to seal their love forever. Thalia was completely surprised, and they both shed tears of joy as she said yes.

Now, with three cats to keep them company, Thalia and William are counting down the days until their wedding in Aspen. They can't wait to share their love with their friends and family in august, and are thrilled to begin the next chapter of their lives together!